Back off…. I have a list

Crazymom’s To do list book.

I am a creature of habit. I would love to say I am a laid back person, that I go with the flow and roll with the punches but the truth is I really love me a good plan. In fact without a plan I tend to run around starting many projects. A day like that almost always end in tears with nothing completed. I carry around with me everywhere I go a spiral notebook that is my ongoing “to do” list. I jot down things as I think of them; I will refer back to a particular date. It is a running log of, well my life. I have about four completed ones from the past five years.  I’m talking long term plans as well as I like to go to bed and think about my plan for then next day. Today’s plan is to:


 Check email 

Read a few blogs 

Write a blog post of my own 

Check batgirls (my username is jaseyandmallorysmommy come say hi)

Get dressed (both me and the kids)

Look and maybe complete some calls from my to do list

Work for four hours

Do some preschool learning activities with the kids

Watch Days of our Lives

Cook dinner

Spend time with Crazydad (watching TV etc)

Go to bed.


Yes in that order but with no particular time table set. Sure I will toss in feed the kids, check emails again, surf the net and shower but those are fillers and can be placed anywhere.


The sad thing is I am not even kidding about the above list. Living with my dad has been great but he is not really like me when it comes to my craziness uniqueness. He is the kind of guy who will say let’s go do this or so and so is just dropping by in a few minutes. That makes me crazy. Yesterday my dad came home just as we were all laying down for the nap that was on my list and announced that my great aunt and uncle were on their way. Now we have not seen my great aunt and uncle since our return so I knew I had to get my family up and presentable in a matter of moments. Then my great aunt and uncle proceeded to stay for two hours. While the visit was nice it totally threw me off for the rest of the day.

  Another example of  my craziness uniqueness is I *think* we have decided to go with a builder and build a new house which means at the least six more months here at my dad’s house. Can you believe my biggest worry is not the money or the six months at my dad’s or all the stresses that go with building a new home…… I had nightmares all last night about all the winter clothes I have for both children in storage that will go to waste if we are here at my dad’s thru February. Now before anyone suggests I just go get them out of storage…. I already tried to convince crazydad to do that (and the jury is still out on that request) but we have approximately 200 boxes all stacked container high in a pods. My luck the winter clothes are on the bottom in the very back. Ok off to check Batgirls……   

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