That’s Hot but not!

Little pillow talk with Crazy dad tonight and I found out that when I was gone one evening on the phone I mentioned to crazydad to have a good night and not to surf for internet porn too long. All in a joking manner, I say that because I am a very jealous girl and Crazydad is a normal man so I knew he may be tempted to do a little window shopping when I was away from home so long. Anyway he tells me tonight he wasn’t even thinking about sex or porn until of course I brought it up and he thought what the heck he was alone why not…. So off to Google to find images of one of his favorite celeb-fantasies… Pamela Anderson…..

  The funny part of this story is when he went to bed that night guess who he had sex with in his dream? Give up? That’s right ME that’s who, none other then crazymom herself!!! And trust me folks I bare NO resemblance to one Ms Pamela Anderson. The really funny part is I dream sex dreams about my husband all the time and he makes fun of me unmercifully about it. He is always telling me how I should have a little fun in my dreams!! Well anyway I guess he really does love me after all. Sorry Pam……he’s mine (or at least his subconscious is).     

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  1. Michelle in Mx
    Aug 02, 2007 @ 13:31:39

    oooh that is priceless! He is all sold out to you, and that’s awsome!!
    You go girl!!!


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