Sometimes it storms but there is always a rainbow after

The beach before the storm

Well I am finally home from the beach. We were originally only going to be gone for a week but I ended up being gone about five days longer then I thought. My childhood BFF, who I have only seen once during my five years in AZ came with her family to the beach with us. So on Friday when it was time to go home from the beach none of us were ready to part ways, so she just brought us home with her. It was great she has three wonderful children who were great with my kids. They have a pool and the kids swam everyday sometimes twice. My son who could only swim with floaties is now swimming on his own!!! The girl time was great as well, I know her DH almost as well as I know her (Before they were married we were all roommates) so he happily stepped aside for us to have our girly fun. We stayed up talking, playing cards and dice every single night until four or five AM and then the kids had us up again around 9am… so last night when I returned home no one was surprised I fell asleep at 7:30.

The last night we had to get up early so she could get me home, we were suppose to go to bed early but still ended up not going to bed until 3am. It was just so nice to talk to her and I didn’t want it to end. It was an overwhelming feeling (in a good way) watching another women mother my children with love as if they were her own we didn’t talk about it but it was just a natural thing. The children have only met for one week last year but they act as if they have been raised together. I don’t know but I had a great two weeks and I already miss them. The kids are sad about it as well. They live about an hour and a half from us and we have a weekend trip planned in two weeks. I can’t wait.

OH and BTW my house closed yesterday!!!! We made almost nothing but at least we are out from under the mortgage and are free to find a new house here in the muggy, mosquito infested South.

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