Come have a cup of crazy with me?

I have no idea what is wrong with me lately??? I feel like an emotional mess. I think I may even be bi-polar… I go from so happy to crying in minutes it seems…I think it has something to do with the 4 to 6 hours a day I am working. At least it is from home but it is taking a toll. I feel like I am not paying the kids enough attention.


Yesterday we finally got an offer on our house out west. We are practically giving it away but it will be nice to not have to worry about it anymore. I will be even more relieved when we are at the closing day. The young couple who made us an offer wants a one and a half week closing… I will be happily surprised if it works out that quick. It was just luck, my realtor was putting fliers in the box when they drove by and asked to see the house. They had already made an offer on the house down the street but backed out to buys ours. I feel a little guilty about that but it’s their karma not mine right? They said my house is in much better condition and so much nicer… ummmm duh?!? That is why I have been scratching my head about over the last 97 days on the market. But whatever it’s done and cross your fingers we make it thru….

   On one hand I am excited about looking for a new house but on the other very depressed about how things didn’t work out how I wanted them to. But I guess life is like that, you never really know and most everything is a gamble. I would say over all this has been the right choice. I miss my friends out west, I miss my house and my kids miss their friends and activities but it will be ok.   

My family has been great and that is why we wanted to move back…. We are having one big family picture taken this week at the beach. That is exciting. When I counted us up we are twenty! And that is just our immediate family members. I am grateful to give this to my children. The whole village factor and it is nice for John and me.

  See how crazy I am? I started this post totally depressed and now ending very warm and fuzzy. I guess they don’t call me crazymommy for nothing!?!   

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  1. Michelle in MX
    Jul 13, 2007 @ 23:28:45



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