It is final.

 The cars are both registered, the mail has been forward, the new driver licenses both read “Southern state you almost forgot”, the nail polish is finally fresh and Crazydad and I went on a date without the kids. He took the day off to finalize the car title situation and it took an amazing short period of time. Luckily both kids were happy playing at grandma’s house anyway. She managed to wrangle the boy with Little Einstein’s and the girl was in heaven when grandma’s garage revealed it contained a Barbie Mansion roughly big enough for MD to get inside (thank you Aunt CM for letting her play with it).

So with our morning to yourself Crazydad suggested we go to breakfast, we found ourselves at Denny’s. Not just any Denny’s but the one which happened to be where we went the night we meet. So there we were today, two slightly older people strolled in and there we sat close to two hours just talking and laughing. I forgot just how interesting, funny, witty and extremely charming Crazydad can be when he is not running a two year old to the bathroom every three minutes and there isn’t a certain four year old needing him to be “teamers” with him constantly.

He was so relaxed and we really enjoyed each other for the morning. Yes we still have the day to day stresses, urgency to sell our house and the mundaness of work but for this morning we just enjoyed talking to each other.

  For the record I managed to be very sensible food wise on our date despite breakfast food is a weakness for me. One pancake (no butter) a dash of sugar free syrup, 4 slices of bacon and hash browns. Considering it was breakfast and lunch together I stayed on point today. A good day all around right up until about five minutes ago when he said “get off that computer or I’ll pull a Chris Benoit on you”. Well at least he thinks he is funny!!! What a dork, he’s lucky I find his humor is funny too!          *Thank you mom for allowing us to have this and I look forward to a lifetime of just this.           

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