Do you know the cure?

I went to my WW meeting tonight. I was very inspired by the meetings topic. We talked about the cure to all things in life. Some thought it was determination or preservation and I thought it was positive thinking but we were all wrong. The cure for all things in life is salt water.



And the Sea

When we are stressed sometimes a good cry can release us or a brisk walk to clear our head and even better sitting on a quiet beach alone with our thoughts. This makes sense to me. As much as I loath exercising I have been doing more of it over the last week and a half and not only do I feel somewhat physically better then I have in the past but I feel more positive and happy in my mind and sprit. The sweating is somewhat like purifying my body and cleansing it of harmful toxins. The frustration of the day or the stresses from the children or the anxiety of finances all mount on our shoulders. But getting healthy and moving is freeing. I owe it to myself to continue on this journey. I owe it to myself to be completely committed to this path.

Sometimes I cry when I’m sleepy and haven’t gotten enough rest, sometimes I cry and I don’t even know why but I sit here now and cry because I know I have the strength and power in me to become a healthier person. A person who has the energy to do all the things I want to do and on my own terms.

I am excited about what tomorrow will bring. I’m nervous about what can come in the weeks ahead of me but I sit here and cry happy tears knowing I am breaking this cycle of negativity.

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