The cookie battle or is it a war?

The war is won one battle at a time right? It is funny what addiction and obsession will do to a person. I mean drug addicts lose everything to do drugs as do gamblers and shopoholics. What about compulsive eaters? I am trying so hard, but it really is a moment to moment struggle. Today as we were leaving the store my children received the obligatory free cookie at the grocery store. It was one of those really soft ones with chocolate chips and M&Ms. Mmmm and my MD decided after just half of the cookie eaten she was done (good girl to realize when she has had enough) anyway she hands this cookie to me and I caught myself almost popping it into my mouth. Hey a girl has to do her part and not waste food right? Wrong! I set the cookie down in the console of the van and tried to ignore it. I found myself looking at this half eaten cookie every few seconds. You have heard drunk drivers are dangerous and sleepy drivers are almost as bad… imagine hungry fat girl on a diet with a cookie in the car driver…. I found myself trying to rationalize that it is only half and probably not that many points and who really would know? Well I would know that is who and once I realized that I rolled my window down and tossed out that half eaten cookie right on the highway. On one hand I feel like I won that battle but on the other it opens my eyes to just how big a problem I really have. With that said I had a great week and feel good and plan to keep working hard. My only question is why o’ why can’t I be addicted and obsessed with excising?

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  1. Michelle in MX
    Jun 15, 2007 @ 01:16:38

    Don’t I know what you mean! Often I wish that I was of the personality that when I got stressed that I a) lost my appetite, and b) went into a cleaning frenzy to relieve the stress.
    And my lovely hubby is such a saboteur, buying a BOX of ding-dongs and leaving them in MY house!
    I warned him not to do that with his recent fascination with milky-ways . . . If he brings a box of those home, and I find them, I’m going to give them away!
    Sacrifices MUST me made!


  2. ali
    Jun 15, 2007 @ 06:21:58

    i could have written that post…although i would probably have popped it into my mouth. cookies are the devil! i can’t NOT eat them!


  3. Lucy Jane
    Jun 15, 2007 @ 22:10:22

    “Oh girl”… I clicked on to see how the ole’ Crazy mom/friend was doing… well frankly, as with any addiction its a struggle, and as your friend I am proud of you. I also commend you on wanting to be true to YOURSELF. I know that for most of us, we would have just eaten and justified later.
    Let this be an inspiration to just how powerful you really are!
    take care, me
    (are you proud, this is my first blog post ever!)


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