The rain, the mud and Tropical Storm Barry

Well folks it is days two of hurricane season and yesterday Tropical Storm Barry arrived. I tell ya I sure have missed this weather. It has been raining for about twenty four hours here. Not all hell is breaking loose kind of rain but a nice steady rain, the kind the kids can play in and make mud pies and enjoy. Well most kids, not my anal kids who wouldn’t even stick a pinky toe in the rain or mud but most kids. But my Wild West kids are truly amazed at the natural occurrence of rain and I am loving it. It will only be a matter of time before the mud calls to them. I forgot what great sleeping and hot soup making weather it is. My yard sailing was derailed today but that is ok.

My silly sister called my mom at 8am asking if we could bring her breakfast during our yard sale rounds (you know because she has rent to think about after all) and I laughed and laughed!

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