Why didn’t anyone tell me?

My sister recently moved out for the first time into an apartment with her friend. She cracks me up with the statement oh I can’t do this or that because “I have rent.” She will accompany said statement with a look of total shock that I would suggest whatever it is I suggested. What makes me laugh is she says this statement like she was previously unaware of the concept of rent. As if she alone is the only one on the planet that is paying for their lodging. It is just funny and I think about all the things that as a young person I never realized or thought about. 

Nobody ever told me one dollar isn’t an appropriate tip for two teenagers who shared one entrée and drank their body weight in soda and stayed at the table for three hours.  

Nobody ever told me how much harder it is to earn said dollar then to spend said dollar.

 Nobody ever told me just because you are nice and smile doesn’t necessarily you will get your way.

Nobody ever told me bathrooms have to be cleaned (and often) to not look and smell totally disgusting.


Nobody ever told me just because you sweep and mop the floor the next day it will probably be sticky again. 

Nobody ever told me not all babies are natural breast feeders.  

Nobody ever told me how quick babies are no longer babies. 

Nobody ever told me my toddler wouldn’t just be cute and follow me around all the time. 

Nobody ever told me if you order take out every night you will not only become extremely overweight but broke as well!  

Nobody ever told me after ten years I would still wonder just why my husband loves me so much. 

Nobody ever told me I would not be jealous when my husband looks at another women (and a little man) says he loves them so much. 


So what is your nobody ever told you?

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