What lies within….

What lies within….
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I added a set of photos to flickr of our new (temporary) living arrangements with my dad. We will live here just until our house out west sells and we can buy a new one. I plan on this happening very soon. All in all for the situation, it is working out good. My dad is very sweet and doing his best to make us feel like this is our home too. I am doing my best to not let our stuff bleed into the main area of the house. In my mind I do not want any of our stuff to be outside of the entry to our room. This room is an addition which once was a one car garage so it is bigger then an average room, kind of a studio apartment if you will. Other then less then perfect insulation making this the hottest part of an already warm house everything is good. One funny thing is for some reason these guys expect me to cook every night… HA! Well I guess that is good for everyone’s diet since my food tastes like crap.

It really surprises me with I would guess 90% of our belongs in storage how well we are going along without that stuff. I wonder though is it the security that I know it is in storage or could I live without that stuff. I have always wanted (wanted being the key word) to be a minimalist like my dad but my mother’s packrat jeans are hiding within me. Everyday I fight those jeans and can not imagine what my amount of junk would grow to if I did not.

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