What will you remember forever?

Being back home here in the south has brought back some memories from childhood. Two major ones are always feeling sticky and everything being damp all the time. It is a huge change from the dry west. I have to get used to sitting down on furniture that feels wet at first or hanging clothes outside and they aren’t dry by dust and the hmmm of floor fans. It does feel like home though. The site of slightly heavy older women fanning themselves while uttering “oh Lord” and “bless their heart” just tickles me pink, dripping with sweat pink but pink none the less.

The other memory that is brought back is an old friend that hides in the shadows. He is gross and nasty but like a drunk uncle never goes away. Last night I saw my old nemesis at 4am in the bathroom….. The Cockroach! Oh how I hate him! I grab the spray and I won this round but I know other lurk. I get that roaches are just part of the lay of the land here but URGGGG I H.A.T.E. them so much! I know they don’t bite but they are yucky and the fly right at you!   I remember this time when I was about 5 or 6 years old  my cousin and I were suppose to be sleeping and of coarse we were goofing off and all +of a sudden a huge roach fly onto the bed. We screamed as only little girls can when my very cross grandmother entered the room. We screamed and pointed to the huge bug when she snatched that roach up with her bare hand, said “now go to sleep” and slammed the door. I will never forget that in my whole life….   

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