mmmmm smell that salt air.

On Friday the moving van came and put most our stuff in storage. The overflow should be here next week… man I have a lot of crap….. It was kind of sad seeing all my stuff get put away. It really brought “home” we do not have a home of our own, that we are in limbo….. but on a bright note we left Friday afternoon for our family beach house where we have had a very relaxing weekend. Crazydad will be going back into town on Monday for his first day of work and the kids and I will be staying at the beach for at least the week alone ~ give my dad (and me a break). My  dad is doing good but having four extra people in the house including my wild monkeys is a huge adjustment. The no drinking at my dads house is going ok but the crazydad has been drinking like a fish the whole weekend. No biggie in fact working out quite good for me as the beer or maybe the salt air or just the ocean is making him extremely frisky if you know what I mean and that is a welcome change in behavior for all involved.    

I miss my wild west friends very much. I haven’t felt like seeing any of our old friends yet, I feel like I am in morning for my life I have been used to. I know I still have all my old friends but …… I know I am depressed. Yesterday I burst into tears at the site of a yards sale as we drove by. Crazydad thinks I am completely crazy but what’s new…

There’s no Internet at the beach but I am up the road a bit at a Internet cafe… $2.00 for 30 minutes and it is packed. I should open one of these up!!!

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  1. Rita
    Apr 30, 2007 @ 16:53:10

    I’m so jealous, I miss the ocean & all it offers 🙂 The kids are so lucky to be growing up there. Happy to hear you made it there & sane to boot!
    That’s a great idea opening one of those Internet places & you could cater to SAHMs 🙂


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