Well we made it successfully crossed the country in three days. We saw lots of road kill and plenty of drunk drivers and my kids gave our DVD player a run for its money but we arrived all in one piece. Our poor van topper get ripped due to severe high winds in west Texas leading to a really fun game of vehicle Tetris but we got it all to fit some how. In the process of said game of Tetris JM decided he had to pee and
mommy knowing nothing about peeing down wind, daddy almost got a golden shower. In the end I only had one meltdown and the kids were amazing, as if they sensed this drive was more then just drive to a tour at the recycle plant.     
  We are now staying with my dad until our house in the west sells. It is oh so generous of him to let us stay here but OMHeck let’s just say he keeps his house a little warm. The kids are definitely somewhat out of sorts and a bit wild but we can handle it, rent free makes all that a little easier. It also took all of one day to realize I can not deal with dial up connection. I called the local provided got our TV, phone and internet “bundled” and phew the incompetence! I thought Direct TV people were morons, boy was I wrong these people at Bright House are so stupid! It has been two days and my new email still isn’t working and then they finally managed to fix the cross phone lines last night at 10pm but I am still getting the run around about the email so hopefully it will get cleared up soon.  The moving van arrives tomorrow with the first load of our household items and then sometime next week the van with our “overflow” will arrive. The overflow situation was not my fault the two loads before mine went over so fun fun for me. The moving company gave me $75.00 back, not much but at least it was something. All in all we are ok and only slightly shell shock and now just kind of on pause until our old house sells….   

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