Are we all having fun yet or what?

How many lists can one girl have I ask you? Well so far quite a few … general to do, do before I leave, pack to go in the van, pack to go in storage, call before the move, contact after we arrive…. And so-on and so-on….  My head is spinning. I’m not nervous, do you hear me cold sole gods I’m not stressed I’m just excited and anxious and sad all rolled up into one mind. Mix all that with a three week prep to move 3000 miles couple with a toddler and a preschooler and you have one fun time I tell you! F.U.N. stuff!  I decided I need to buy an MP3 player because 30 hours in a car with one kid playing video games, one baby having a what I can only imagine will be a very vocal struggle between watching multiple DVDs in a roll and wanting out of her car seat and a husband pepped up on red bulls… the least the three of them can do is listen to momma singing Call Me Al and Talk Dirty to Me. WOW will momma need a good strong drink when we arrive.   

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