T minus 6 days….and counting

In my adult life I have moved 10 times so one would think by this eleventh move I’d be a pro. In some areas I think I have improved a lot and other areas well…..   An example of said experience I have learned it is totally worth the money to hirer a company to not only move your belongings but also for them to pack said belongings. Sure on the other end it is somewhat of an Easter egg hunt but that’s fun right? I have learned price is negotiable but the better known company is worth a little extra. I have my list of who to call to disconnect things and changed our address with. Where I am still faltering at this move gig is what to do with too much stock piled food (cold) and where exactly is the best place for the vibrator to go?  Packed by me to go in storage? Deep in a drawer to be shirked wrap by the movers? I’m thinking maybe in my purse in case of emergencies might be best.  I remember my first move I went from my mom and dad’s house to a room of four roommates in a house. I had one car load and only stayed two months. Then I moved in one pick up truck load in with Shel. That was so much fun but there again one truck load and batta bing done… Fast forward to crazycouple (now aka crazydad and crazy mom) move out west, it was not to long after we were married. We didn’t have too much stuff plus it was a company move we had movers, packers etc. We had considerably more being a married couple but my biggest concern was our Unity candle and my choice to toss out the dried flowers I carried in our wedding. Even the move from the old house to the current one was only slightly an ordeal but still controllable. One small child not that much more then when we were just a married couple move. Well here we are two years later with a small child and a bigger small child and OMHeck! Because we will have to go into storage when we get back East I am walking thru my house mentally listing what I will tell the movers. I have four packing categories;

1. To be mover packed to take in their truck and put into storage.2. To be mover packed to take in their truck and put into our temporary home we are living in until our house out west sells.

3. To be packed by me to take in their truck to be put into our temporary home we are living in until our house out west sells.     4. To be packed by me to take in our van to be put into our temporary home we are living in until our house out west sells. 

I am looking at this like if the moving truck were to meet its demise what would I be happy living without? I mean sure our insurance would pay to replace everything lost but what can’t be replaced? So far I have come up with all of our family pictures (fortunately they are all burnt to many cds), about five scrapbooks, the outfits I brought the children home from the hospital in, all our pertinent paperwork, my grandmother’s wallet with the change that was in it when she died, all of our Disney Cds and some of MD’s dresses. OH MY that girl has so many clothes. I guess when I said she is my living baby doll man I wasn’t kidding. I never realized just how much clothing that girl has. But I also realized how much stuff we as a family have at this point in our lives to. It makes my head spin but everything will work out fine. And to think I have gotten rid of the “junk”. I like to think I am a minimalist at heart well that girl is buried deep down, I mean D.E.E.P. down in my heart. Just think of what my house would look like if I wasn’t continually purging unneeded items…… Our Open house is today Shhhhh don’t tell anyone but we are planning on accepting any offer that comes our way…. Don’t tell anyone. I doubt anyone will make us any offers today but one can hope right? I guess I should be hoping that at least one person shows up…….    

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