My Balloon was green not red.

On season two of Desperate Housewives Gabby went to the park and released a red balloon into the sky. Although Gabby was “letting go” of a child that had passed I thought this act was very symbolic of “letting go” of ones baggage.

   The other night a lady at the grocery store gave my son a green balloon. The next morning we listed our house for sale. As I was looking around my house at what I needed to clean or get rid of I saw that green balloon. For some reason instead of popping it I walked out in my front yard and held the string. It was very early in the morning and the birds were chirping but my chicks were still sleeping. I had some time to just stand there holding that string. I thought about that string being the string that is holding me to all my moving stress, my angry and hurt feelings regarding my parents divorce, my money worries and my leaving my friends behind sadness. Then I let that balloon go. I watched it float up and smiled as it struggled to go higher and higher. It struggled as if to say I can’t let go, reach you can still get me…. I smiled as it floated higher and higher away from me. It floated away from my mind and heart. I watched it until it was out of sight. I did actually feel relieved. That was a day ago and I still feel an odd calm over me. I know things will work out just the way they should be.  The funniest thing was as the balloon floated up and away I saw this airplane flying in what looked to be in the balloon’s path and for the briefest of moments I thought oh no my baggage is going to get sucked up into the planes engines and make the plane crash and I will be responsible for all those people…. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

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