pass the bong, a beer and a fly pill….

Well big news here in the crazyhouse!!! Crazydad got a job transfer….. crazyfamily is going home!!! I am almost still in shock. This was not planned and happened very suddenly. When CD proposed this idea we were thinking it would happen in two maybe three months but they want him to report on April 30th yes sports fans that means we are to leave this desert oasis in a mere three weeks!!! I am a bit overwhelmed with emotions. I am overcome with happiness to be reunited with my family. I feel I have been depriving my children from the family experience. My parents deserve to be around them as do my in-laws. I am also overcome with great sadness; we have been here for five years. In the time I have made some wonderful friends for myself and for my kids. I can not even describe how much I will miss them. But with life comes change and in order to grow as people we must deal with change. But I am really on a roller coaster of emotion clamed only by my “fly pills”. So I will be on and off over the next month preparing for the move and then we will be staying with a family member until our home sells and then our house hunting will begin. This said family member has dial up connection so please if you pray please include me….  OK off to pack, de-clutter, be merry and cry…..  

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  1. Shelly
    Mar 31, 2007 @ 06:39:29

    I am still in shock! We are gonna have a great time when you get back home. The kids are gonna have sooo many good times! See you in three weeks!!!!
    Be safe on your way home!!!!!!!!!!!!


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