How much junk is in your trunk? Mine is full…..

We have decided the crazyfamily needs a new home. Not that we dislike our current one but much like my butt in my jeans, there just isn’t enough room to accommodate all of our junk. I have been happy in this house for the past two years and as I set off on my de-cluttering and cleaning and making it look like yes someone might actually want to buy it presentable I realized how much I will miss this house. I mean our first house back home was given to us and taken away almost as fast and really without warning. Then the next house was a rush OMHeck we need a place to live and we were there so briefly… Then the first house we had out here in my mind was always temporary just until we found a nice house and that brings us to this house, the house we were suppose to stay in for years… Well the universe has other plans and with those would be plans comes so many questions. Just when I thought I had everything figure out and ready to lay out our course of action the universe tosses these crazy situations our way….    How do you know what is the “right” choice? I mean we thought all these fabulous things would happen to us if we took that leap and moved crossed the country and while it worked out and we have made wonderful friends I don’t think we are in any better position had we stayed home. On one hand we had an adventure but …. I don’t know. I just never know what to choose and crazydad always rest that stuff right on my shoulders. I still every once in a while have to listen to what a lemon of a car I picked in the

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