To puke or not to puke?

When I was younger a stomach ache was just about the worst thing I could think of that could happen to me. Tossing ones cookies was next to being in hell for me. I would suffer for days in bed with a belly ache if that is what it took until it passed. I would do anything to avoid throwing up. One night this past week I awake to a painful tummy ache. Without much thought I got up, went into the restroom made myself sick, drank a soda, brushed my teeth and felt better. Within about ten minutes I was back in bed asleep.   Problem solved right? Yes and no … it left me with a huge question; at what point in life is puking the better option?  

I meet a girl from my hometown this weekend; in fact she attended my high school.  It was somewhat exciting when I realized that she lived very close to where I did back home. We talked about how we both missed home. How living across the country from where we grew up was difficult. Then when we started discussing high school she asked what year I graduated in. I told her and then she said something I will never in my life ever forget… she said “oh you graduated the same year my mom did”……. What? Your who? Huh? Your M.O.M.? Surely she must have misunderstood what year I said…. No she said that’s the year my mom graduated too. No no I’m young, I’m hip, I’m cool…. The whole situation had me freaking out, stuttering and looking for the closest exit…. I’m cool I tell you C.O.O.L.!!!!!  

She did reassure me her mom started her journey on the road of motherhood very young and that she herself had just had a birthday turning seventeen. But the fact remains I am now old enough to be the mother of a seventeen year old….  I am way too young to have a child out in the world that is old enough to work and pay taxes and reproduces herself….. I am only old enough to be a mother to a toddler, preschooler at the most but a teenager? A taxpayer? I gotta tell ya no amount of puking made that tummy ache go away….. 

Believe it or not I forgot to ask what her mom’s name is…….   

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  1. Julie HC
    Mar 21, 2007 @ 15:24:54

    Yeah! Well, welcome to my world, my little chickadee! Remember the waiter at Applebee’s? Well, payback is a motherf***er!!!!

    It only gets worse. The offset is that life gets soooo much better!

    I can’t wait to tell Jack!


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