We all could use some help from time to time…….

Today in a busy parking lot I saw a couple standing next to their car with their arm around each other each with a hand holding a sign that read “we need help”.  I don’t normally stop and help the needy because either I don’t believe they have helped themselves or I feel on the brink of poverty myself or they scare me but this couple stuck me. “we need help” In their car I saw a little girl probably not too much older or younger then one of my kids. Those words stuck me “we need help”. They need help so much so they are standing there is the cool night air with their pride outstretched and their child looking on “we need help”.  There I was alone with my family’s take out dinner smelling up my van, my cell phone in my pocket and my heater blowing looking at this family waiting for the traffic to clear so I could turn, drive on and pretend I didn’t see. “we need help” Pretend I didn’t see that mother’s look of worry, that father’s face of failure and that child. That child, she was smiling at me.  Is she sleeping in that car right now? 

So when the traffic cleared I didn’t turn down the street but instead I crossed. I drove up to them, rolled down my window and handed the mom one of my dinners and the five dollars I had in my pocket. My daughter had a baby blanket and a doll in her car seat and I gave that to the mother too and quickly drove off. Now instead of feeling better or like I’ve done my small part all I can do is think of that family. Think of my daughter’s doll and blanket, my child will not miss them. Both my kids have more then they need…. But that little girl…. “we need help”.  

I feel so self absorbed. All the whining and bitching I do about being poor or “broke”. I have never spent a night in a car because I had to. I most certainly have never had to look at my child when they were crying for food and know there wasn’t any to give. I have never held a sign that reads “we need help”. Those burdens must be almost unbearable.      

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  1. zoe
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 13:10:02



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