not sure if he is ready for the NFL, NBA, NHL or even the chess team…… but he sure can drink.

Little sports clinic 2

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Today we took the boy to the community center. We signed him up for an 8 week little sports clinic for four and five year olds. I loved the idea it is on Saturdays so Dad can stay and watch. As the stay at home mother I get to witness all the good stuff with the kids while dad is stuck at work. So they get home and I can hardly wait to hear how it went…. Oh the excitement!!!!! Well daddy informed me that our little jock was sleepy and after just a few kicks at the ball JM sat by dad the rest of the time saying he was tired and he did not want to win the game…… My husband was less then impressed with the use of the morning. I told him our little JM needs some coaxing some of the time and when all else fails just ask JM if he wants to make your heart feel better and participating will do the trick for dad’s old ticker. After rolling his eyes he said his ticker isn’t that old and my two jocks took a mid- morning nap. Maybe next week I will get my men in bed earlier to prepare them for battle known only as “little sport clinic”

JM did participate in the four water breaks.

See Donald Trump does have a use

I just want to say thank you for being such an ass. If not for your big fat nasty uncalled for comments about Rosie O’Dennell I would not have decided to watch the View. I have lots of friends who have watched the view for years but I have never been interested. Well after visiting Rosie’s Blog I decided to give the View a try and I laughed so much! It was a great start to my day to see these women talking, laughing and sharing. I totally will be watching more. I even exercise to it today so I am done with exercising and it is still the morning time! So thank you Mr. Trump for once I have found something useful come out of your mouth. I won’t get use to it as it took 30 years.   Oh and I saw Kelli Pickler perform her new song “I Wonder” about her mother and it was so sad. She cried when she was singing and I cry and oh my!!! The song is about her mother leaving when she was a small girl and she hasn’t spoken to her since. Ahhhrrr so sad!

kellie pickler on the view

Thursday Thirteen

13 things I’ve said today: 

1. Five more minutes and I’ll get up.

2. No chocolate for breakfast.

3. We eat food at the table! 4. Chairs are for sitting.

5. Son please give your sister back her doll.

6. Sorry no chocolate for lunch.

7. Look at that bird pecking that orange.

8. I’m your mother that’s why.

9. Why is that doll naked?

10. Who stinks?

11. Mom just needs 15 minutes please go play.

12. Where is your father?

13. No chocolate for dinner!  

Rosie O’Donnell isn’t so bad!

The way my family lives our life we are very conservative republican family. We believe in family values, a women’s choice was at conception and we strongly support our troops. Where we are not the typical republican family we believe a family isn’t always a mom, dad and children. We believe the sexes are equal in ability, mind and sprit and just because we support the troops doesn’t mean we love that there is a war currently going on.   I do believe our leaders have information the general public is not privy to but these leaders are also only human in their decision making. Where I am also torn is our family also recycles uses cloth ~ diapers, napkins, and grocery bags and just about everything else most use paper for we use cloth.   We are what Ozzy from Survivor would refer to “Hippy, dippy Patchouli sniffing people”. Not necessarily an average Republican family.  

I watched a show today All Aboard Rosie’s Family Cruise. It was so sweet. For those that have no idea what it is, Rosie O’Donnell (who also has a blog) and her partner Kelli chartered a cruise ship and their family was joined by 500 other families all of whom (or at least most) were gay- partner families. It was a sort of floating village of support. A place where they could be free to show affection like every straight couple can everyday without fear of judgment or stares. A place to show these families hey you are a normal family. They had parties but also seminars about parenting, relationships and support for the families’ children. At one point they went to the port of call in the
Bahamas and there was protests going on because they didn’t want them coming ashore.

  I felt so bad for them. The hate that was being shouted at these families was appalling. Regardless if these people were gay or straight they were minding their own business trying to spend their tourist money in their shops.     These people are just normal parents in that they want the exact same things for their children that my husband and I want for our children.  Why can’t we all get along? It sounds so lame but unless someone is directly hurting my family what is it of my business whom sleeps in their bed? It just kills me when people are so severely judged before a single word has left their mouth. It hurts me, and worse it hurts our future.

So I’m not so sure if we are a normal Republican family at all….

Wordless Wednesday

There’s no love like a daddy’s love.In this case a “Pappy’s” love. It’s something special seeing your daddy love another girl more then he loves you and not hating her because of it but loving them both even more.

* I promise to try to be even more “wordless” next week…..

What a great day!

I don’t know what it is…. The cool air, the diet success or what but I am on cloud nine! If I were a superstious woman I would be afraid to say but everything is going wonderful for me these days.

Whatever funk I was in a few weeks ago has passed! I just spent the afternoon with one of my best friends and this morning I meet another SAHM who is so nice. I have so much in common with her and our boys really like each other.

 I am actually looking forward to my community center class I teach once a week. I love days like today. Days when the world is wonderful and I love my place in it.  Days when my kids are well mannered and when I feel like at some point I actually taught them something and I’m not talking taught by some mishap like “see honey this is why you don’t –insert disaster-“.

Days when your spouses walks in the door and his embrace is its own special heaven and when your body feels like it’s telling you “yep you are on the right track”.    

I hope my week continues on this way!

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