Ride um cowboy!

Ride um cowboy!
Originally uploaded by amc_623.

Today the kids and I went with our mommy’s group to a horse stable and it was so awesome! MD cried the whole time because she didn’t want to be even within arms reach of me, not sure what is going on with her? Anyway they pet the horse and brushed the horse and got to sit on his back. Then they got to feed him carrots. Even MD had a good time doing this. JM cracked me up! He was very excited to feed the horse so he does exactly as instructed held the carrot in the palm of his hand, stepped up to the horse and held it out for him to eat. When the horse did and in the process licked my boy’s hand and he got hysterical. OH. MY. GOODNESS. It was so funny and cute. JM scream “he bite me, he bite me” “I’m bleeding!!!” After I assured him he was not bitten by the horse and the warm wet was feeling horse spit he was totally grossed out and whipped his hand for ten minutes and we had to leave. So I guess I will rule out horse trainer for him for possible career choices.

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