What did you fantasize about today?

During JM’s Spanish class today I decided to be productive and walk on the track. It’s a nice track, it is upstairs at our community center and it is open to the lower level basketball gym. Also upstairs in the open is the exercise gym. While I was walking I saw a girl downstairs in the gym maybe in her twenty’s playing basketball alone, and then later she came upstairs and ran on the treadmill. She wasn’t extraordinarily pretty but she had long brown hair like me but that is where our likeness ended. She looked very fit and healthy. Not supermodel thin actually kind of flat chested but so athletic. I envied her, as she jogged with ease she looked as though she was passing the time instead of like me counting the laps and minutes until I would be “done”. I fantasized about a day when I would be able to jog with ease like her. I finished my desired times around the track, out of breath and sweaty and tossed her one final glance. It made me smile, realizing I could one day if I want jog like her with ease. One day…. But for today I am happy that I stuck to my food plan and found the time to exercise. Little successes and one day at a time….       

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  1. misslionheart
    Jan 23, 2007 @ 05:12:19

    Good for you! I’m sure you’ll get there, you have the right attitude…


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