See Donald Trump does have a use

I just want to say thank you for being such an ass. If not for your big fat nasty uncalled for comments about Rosie O’Dennell I would not have decided to watch the View. I have lots of friends who have watched the view for years but I have never been interested. Well after visiting Rosie’s Blog I decided to give the View a try and I laughed so much! It was a great start to my day to see these women talking, laughing and sharing. I totally will be watching more. I even exercise to it today so I am done with exercising and it is still the morning time! So thank you Mr. Trump for once I have found something useful come out of your mouth. I won’t get use to it as it took 30 years.   Oh and I saw Kelli Pickler perform her new song “I Wonder” about her mother and it was so sad. She cried when she was singing and I cry and oh my!!! The song is about her mother leaving when she was a small girl and she hasn’t spoken to her since. Ahhhrrr so sad!

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