Oh pass the wheat thin already!

Why is it when you deprive someone of something that they think they need, it becomes that person’s obsession? Like a child and TV or a teenager and the phone or a guy and a pretty girl with big boobs a nice personality who rejected him. I am trying to cut out overeating and I am just getting obsessed with food. I have been feeling somewhat full over the past week but I miss eating. I know a lot of people boredom eat or stress eat but I feel like I just miss the act of eating. I’ll eat my allotted food and drink a big glass of water and sit at the computer or get a book and reach… reach…. Oh yeah no M&Ms or chips or popcorn to “snack” on. I am working on getting all my “work” caught up on so I can stay on top of it for some and pass it on for other stuff but then get out. Get out to live, living that’s what it is really about. Getting healthy and fit to live. Why read about people doing fun and exciting stuff when I could do those things. Maybe not exactly like the novels I read but live my life and stop complaining about this or that. Quit sighing and feeling overwhelmed that the house isn’t clean or the paperwork is behind and just go outside and actually let the kids get dirty or covered in paint. We have but one life and it could end at any moment. Thus creating the argument to eat what I want and not deprive myself… urggg the circular logic!!!!      

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