Don’t ask me one more thing! You are smart enough…….

MD is starting to speak more clearly these days. This is good and bad, it is good that I can actually understand that she wishes to drink apple juice over the water I try to force down her throat but it is bad when she says prefers to not wear a matching adorable sweet as apple pie hair bow choosing the stringy in her face hillbilly look. I kind of liked when she would cry and I could pretend not to know what was wrong when it servered me. (like the hairbow issue). It is also another sign my baby is not so much baby anymore. There will be no more babies in the crazy family but this coming into her own is having me a bit melancholy these days. Like the boy, soon she will know her letters and sounds and then what will I do???? I have yet to imagine past this milestone. Being a former teacher I have spent the last 15 years collecting phonics books, flash cards and a variety of preschool arts and crafts books. With the kids two and four years I see the end of the alpha tunnel nearing and it is quite scary for me. Thank goodness for November birthdays and school year cut offs! We still have two more years at home for the boy and four for the girl but then what……… PTA? Girl scouts?  Slumber parties? DATING????!!!???? I know I was ready to be a baby’s
mommy but I’m not so sure I am equipped to be more. I can barely hold myself together let alone guide someone else thru peer pressure, make-up and the opposite sex relations. My son has declared he is marring one of his playmates little sister (she is currently six months old). He says “I’m going to marry her and she will be the
mommy and I’ll be the daddy” I am quite certain it was news to her
mommy (my friend). My girl has her sights set on an older man another friend’s seven year old son. That is all fun and games until upon leaving a playdate today she cried for 15 minutes after we left her true love behind with his mother….. Does it all go this fast? Will I always feel like I am just running to keep up with time?           

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