Is that an anorexic or just a crack head tree?

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Well the Christmas card is finished, the list has been made and our home is sufficiently trimmed. Our plan of the perfect pre-lit artificial tree went uuuummmm ok I guess. The quality is nice, the height is good but it looks like it is a male phallic symbol or has a severe eating disorder. Let’s just say it would be perfect if we lived say in a dorm room, very space efficient. But we decided we can suffer thru it this year and next and we got our moneys worth. Then we can get a more expensive one, hopefully this one will have had a cheeseburger before coming to our home. To further get into the sprit of the season I joined some girlfriends today for a cookie baking day. We sure laughed a lot today. I came home with two plates of yummy cookies and some for my kids to decorate for Santa. We had lots of good girl talk. I think my one friend (the one that knows how to actually bake) found she loves us but we are just dead weight in the kitchen. But it is the process after all. She did give us some fun facts like there are different measuring cups for dry and liquid measuring. Yes I did know that but she actually knew why. She also told us to “fluff” the flour before measuring it and how to level it off. Oh and I also learned that silver balls are for decorating and not for consumption. Who knew? It was a fun day. My baking friend’s eight year old daughter joined us in the kitchen the whole time. It did somewhat temper the subject matter of the conversation but overall we spoke freely. She was very quiet during the varies conversations, not interrupting or adding her thoughts but she was taking it all in. At one point my friend (her mother said to her “this is what big girls do”) I think it was a rite of passage of sorts. She was a big girl today. And while there were a few whisper moments among the real big girls what she will remember is how she was included. Some of my own best memories are of my mother and her friends. She had the coolest friends and my mother was the center of them. And while I do not for a moment think I am in anyway cool or the center of my circle I hope I can do for my daughter what my mother did for me and what my friend did today for her daughter and that is to model what healthy, safe and strong friendships look like.

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