He’s never done that before…..

I have never been fond of dogs. I have been told as a child I was bitten by a dog. The story goes I was hitting her with a toy frying pan and she nipped at me. My parents got rid of the dog and thankfully kept me. I don’t remember this but I have always been very afraid of dogs. JM did not inherit this fear but my fearless MD did. It is actually one of the two fears she has. Ironically her other fear is heights which is the one fear DH has.   As a kid we did not have any pets after the nipping dog. My father always said that pets are animals and animals belong outside. We have cats in my home and anytime anyone is sick with a belly ache, headache, eyelash ache my father says “it’s those darn cats” ummm ok whatever.  Somehow I managed to pull DH away from football and we went to the park today. As we are playing peacefully a lady comes and has what looks to be a Lab or some bread close. It is not on a leash and is running up to my children. I say to my DH to pick up the girl and the lady looks at me and says “oh he is a sweet dog”. My family then left the park. Number one hello there is a leash law for a reason. Two “oh he is a sweet dog” is what they say right before the dog steals someone’s face. Then with the follow up comment that always comes after an incident like that “he’s never done that before”.  I hate that. I hate when anytime a person is doing something that can negatively affect my family. Like when someone is smoking right in front of the restaurant door. Hello my family has to walk thru your cloud of secondhand smoke to enter the building. Or when someone is cussing loudly in public. I don’t want my kids hearing that or at least hearing that outside of our home from anyone other then me.   Come on people please respect that you are not alone in this world!      

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