Goldfish go bad?

Ok think of the cheapest person you know and ask him for $20.00, see the look on his face??? That’s me. The queen of cheap. My son actually said to me once as we were grocery shopping

JM:mommy I want those cookies.
Me: No JM not today
JM: Oh because they aren’t free today.

I do use coupons, rebates and stockpile like the big one is coming. The one problem with stock piling is remembering to rotate ones reserves. This is a lesson hard learned this week. So the children want goldfish. So
mommy trots out to her reserve food shelf. Pour each child a bowl and JM takes a few bites and says he’s done and MD has a few but that’s it. Now for JM he has his non eating days but MD eats her portions, my portions, what’s left of JM’s and cries for more. So DH takes a bite of these goldfish crackers only to quick spit them out and gulp his drink and rushed upstairs in search of his toothbrush. Who knew goldfish go bad but they do! Now everytime DH eats anything he is inspecting the package for expiration dates. So far we have realized we are currently feeding our family expired mayo (6/05), expired salad dressing (5/05) and DH is just sure the cheese nips are old… Those were just purchase this week but DH is convinced they are expired too. Also did you know that Mac and Cheese goes bad? Well it does and it tastes nasty!
What’s a cheap girl to do?

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