We all know you masturbate but do you eat your boogers?

Ok so I am driving a long today minding my own business when I am stopped at a red light and look over and see this guy picking a winner and ekkkk pop that sucker right in his mouth. YUCK! Now we all know nose picking is like masturbating we all know we do it but no one wants/needs to talk about it (that much). But who among us has a tasty nose goblin treat once in awhile? I can safely say in my thirty one past years at least twenty nine of them have been booger eating free. I can’t speak for the other two and before you giggle with squeamish delight I am talking about the first two are unaccounted for. Even my two year old often tells me ”
mommy, no eat boogies” I am not sure if this is a test but hopefully when I am not looking she still washes them down the drain.
This got me to wondering how many among us are booger eaters and what does that say about the human race? I know many among us are racist. Some are sexist. Many are even fascist. Are we the booger eating, belly button sniffing, toenail biting society that some say? MMMM yummy.

On that note I am down 5lbs don’t ask me how b/c really I have no idea. Maybe it is all this crap I am unloading on this blog. There does seem to be more room in my head or maybe it is always this empty.

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