The boy is four

I can’t believe my JM is four years old today! It seems just yesterday he was my baby Angel…. The center of my world, the reason I got up in the morning. He was always a cuddly baby. He has grown into a loving empathic boy. I love how he is always very concerned for his sister or if another child is crying or hurt. He will stick up for anyone and take their hand to help solve their problem. He has entered into the world of video games where he and daddy have slain many of dragons and rescued a princess or two. He is quick with a yes m’am or first to say “bless you” after a sneeze.  He is quick to tell you he is sorry if he hurts your feelings and you will know you have made him happy as he will tell you that you made his heart feel good. I hope that he continues to be a loving caring boy and not fall into the typically trapping of violence and “boys don’t cry” frame of mind. As for what the future holds for him, like all mothers I want him to lead a happy healthy life, but I hope I raise him to think before he acts. I want him to not be a push over either. To command not demand respect from others and most of all too always take care of his mother!     

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  1. ali
    Nov 21, 2006 @ 15:21:58

    my little boy turned four this month too. it’s amazing how the time flies by.

    happy birthday!


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