How life could be….

I find myself constantly asking why I am doing the things I am doing. I feel so over committed at times. I find myself daydreaming about sitting still with my son or just giggling with my daughter. I do those things but I wish I could do them without constantly multitasking or mentally adding things to my “to do” list in my head. Years ago I read an article about a family (mom, dad and two children) who left it all behind to travel the world via sailboat living off supplies from port to port. They had a laptop for communication and homeschool purposes but other then that they lived a very minimalist lifestyle. Seeing the world and learning together. The parents experienced life thru their children eyes and rediscovered each other. I wish I was brave enough to have that adventure. Besides NOT being independently wealthy I wonder if I could do it. If I could have the discipline to keep my family on an educational journey but maintaining the adventure it truly would be. All the while letting go of the material world we currently live in. As much I try [I use the word try loosely] to rid our family of our extra baggage both mentally and physically I find we are surrounded by piles of useless items. I fight my internal demons in regards to I want things for my children, for my husband and myself but at what point are they just things?  I really fear what condition would our lives/ home be in if I did not try. To be more simple. Try to want and need less. This brings me back to my over committing. I feel like I want to have my children doing classes and activities that are engaging and fun that stimulate their little minds and bodies. I also want to engage myself in things that are also fulfilling to me. But at what point am I just doing too much? That they are doing too much. I don’t know where that line is and even if I can find it how do I stand on it without jumping right over and running past it?

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