Can you walk the walk? She did….


I love this photo of my mother, grandmother and my aunt. It was taken in 1956 in Spencer West Virginia.  It just makes me smile. The girls look so happy and my grandmother is so pretty. She is tall and thin and just beaming. The way my mother is holding onto my aunt’s hand and my grandmother’s arm, full of life and joy. I wonder what my grandmother would have thought of my children. Are they too wild for her or would she proclaim they are filled with mutton juice?

Here is another photo of my grandmother Vonda in 1973 with her sister Vada (my aunt) in
Tampa. It makes me laugh to see my grandmother on my computer screen. The women had a Montgomery Wards card and checks but she was a cash girl (what little there was) but the thought of her quilting fingers even touching a computer keyboard or her image gracing a flat screen must have NEVER crossed her mind.
Anyway my aunt died when I was very, very young and my grandmother about 16 years ago. I wish I had more time with them. I have good memories of my aunt and even more vivid ones of my grandmother but they are a child’s memories. I wish I could talk to my grandmother now. Ask her about her life, her views, what made her blood boil, what she loved. Ask her about the cloth diapers she used or just sit with her and be still, a quality she said on more then one occasion she was certain I would never achieve. My one and only regret involving my grandmother is when I was in 7th grade my cousin and I were on the porch one evening with, Johnny a boy who lived about 20 houses down the street from us. It was in the evening and my grandmother told us not to leave home and she was talking a nap. After a bit we decided to go into the backyard, this after all was not leaving home. When my grandmother woke up and we were not on the porch she walked all the way down to Johnny’s house to collect us. She said when she found we were not at Johnny’s house she was scared out of her mind and Johnny’s brother walked her back home when upon yelling our names we came running. At the time I thought why didn’t she just call to us first? Only later fully thinking about what a walk that must have been for her. She walked with a cane and had heath problems and it must have taken her the better part of an hour just to get down there. I have never forgiven myself for her having to make that walk or the grief and worry that must have overshadowed the pain on the walk back.  
On a side note this is my mother in 1955 in Spencer WV. It is the sweetest photo I have ever seen.  

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  1. ali
    Nov 14, 2006 @ 07:01:00

    i love old photos.


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