How lazy are you mom?

Every Saturday my friend and I go out to search for great deals at yard sales. Today while out I saw two different toddlers in cars traveling to one sale to the next unrestrained. Not even a car seat in the car. What is wrong with these mothers? It is not 1970 anymore. I do remember being a small child and having the run of the backseat. Heck I don’t even think my dad’s car had seat belts but that was a different time. Did they drive slower? Probably not but it was a different time.   Read this

For those of you not from AZ, when you read this story from AZ central, keep in mind that 45th Ave is not a major intersection, it is a small residential street that turns only one direction on Thomas. It is less than 1 mile from 2 different elementary schools.  It is someone’s way home when they “run out real quick” to the grocery store on the corner of 43rd. And, that someone’s 3 year old is dead today, because someone else ran into their car, while they were doing nothing wrong:Nov. 11, 2006 07:30 PM AZ central Story in fullPhoenix police were looking for three men Saturday in connection with a hit-and-run collision that killed a 3-year-old boy.The child was one of six people in a 2005 Hyundai Accent struck head-on at 45th Avenue and Thomas Road about 1 p.m.Police said the Hyundai was stopped in a two-way turn lane when a red 1997 Acura Integra veered into it. The three Acura occupants fled on foot. The young boy, who was sitting unrestrained on a lap in the back seat, was pronounced dead at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Sgt. Joel Tranter said. A teenage girl in the car had minor injuries; four adults were unharmed, he added.

I was going to add more stats and articles but what i found just made me sad and I had to stop and hug my babies. 

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