Happy Birthday Princess Dirty Face!

My My baby is two years old today. I can hardly believe it. We were so excited to have our little baby MD home. She had a hard couple of days in the beginning.  MD was 8lbs and 9ozs and had some complications during labor. Her shoulder got stuck on my pubic bone and the doctor had to pull her out. The baby’s clavicle bone was broken in the process. There wasn’t much we could medically do for her and the doctor said it would heal on it’s own in about six weeks and it did. As if that wasn’t enough she had jaundice. They sent us home with a special light and checked her levels daily. I know both situations could have been much worst then they were but it was so hard to see our baby in pain.

She is so sweet.  That first year is sort of a blur to me. But upon her first birthday she proved to be just as sweet as she could be. She has always been a very independent baby and continues to be a strong willed child. She shows me everyday she is in charge and quite capable. I love her for teaching me there is more then one way to be a girl. She is nothing like I dreamed my living doll princess “would be” but she is more then I could have ever imagined and most days I think that is so much better.  

Happy Birthday Baby!

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  1. ali
    Nov 11, 2006 @ 19:05:48

    she is too cute! happy birthday!


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