Ummm Hello?

who buys this crap? Being a Sahm one of my many responsibilities is the house secretary. This means I receive all the telemarketer phone calls. They will ask for Mr. Crazy and I inform them as the SAHM I answer the phone. Almost always they will ask when Mr. Crazy can be reached. I take sick joy in saying “umm nenver it’s talk to me or no one”. I am always looking for new and inventive ways to answer these calls. This idea was born from a Seinfeld where Jerry asks for a telemarketer’s home number to call him back and says “oh you don’t like getting called at home? Yeah me either” and hangs up.Sometimes I act appalled that they call during “prayer” hour. Or I will answer but completely ignore them by interrupting them to continuing a conversation w/ dh. Or when I see on the caller ID it’s a telemarketer I will let JM answer (who knows what he’s agreed to…) My newest one is to interrupt them by asking if they are interested in buying
Avon. As they say no I remind them of Mother’s day or birthdays and give them a fake website. It is so amusing. I don’t know why I enjoy this. These poor telemarketers who make crap money. They probably hate calling as much as I hate getting called. My question is why do they call? Everyone says they hate telemarketers??? So who’s buying what they are selling? Someone must be or they wouldn’t continue to do it. I guess this is one of life’s mystery…

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