Do you have one of those ummm web logs?

I was recently asked what is a blog and why do I do it. I told this person to google the words mommy blog. So just to see what would happen I did it myself and found just like I suspected a kabillion links. I know, from looking at the date on the article I am way behind the times but I came across this      story 

And it made me kind of think about what I am doing with this blog and why. First of all do I think my two children will be one day thrilled I have blogged about them? I don’t know. I know I am thankful for other
mommy blogger. They let me know I am not alone on this path. They let me know just how many mistakes they have made on their path. They share thru their blogs their successes. Am I a better mother for being a
mommy blogger? I don’t know.  What I do know is my own mother blogs about many things one of which is my sister and I. I think it is fun. I get to peer into her mind and see what she is seeing and feeling. It is one of the inspirations for me; in fact it is how I came up with my site name Mommy window. As a girl and a young woman I did not always “get” my mom. I still do not fully understand all of the reasons she has done the things she has done. I do know she loves me and has always loved me and only as my children age and I experience different things as a mother can I go to her and talk about it and listen with
mommy ears. Will my children be happy I tell the world their puking and pooping habits maybe not but these are my memories and my experiences to do with as I please and they are free to write a blog or book or a mission statement on what a crazy wonderful mother I was. What I hope they get from one day reading my blog is just how much I love them and how I do the best that I can to see that their needs are taken care of. If nothing else it will be an accurate account to show the Doctor in their therapy session.  

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