gettin’ her groove on

gettin’ her groove on
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Today was the first day of Wee ballet class for Miss. MD. I decided once a week when JM is in preschool MD and I would do some classes. She looked so adorable in her leopards and ballerina slippers completing the look with leg warmers. She completely looked the part and was for an instant the baby doll I had dream of as a small girl. The class went ok she even danced a little but after about 20mintues (30mintues is the class time) she was done and ready to go. The class is only once a week for four weeks but it is a learning process. The teacher is teaching this class of two years olds and their moms the China Doll dance from the Nutcracker along with basic dance steps. It has to be one of the sweetest things I have ever seen!! I just can’t believe how costly the outfits are. The teacher is very serious. There is not to be any “side talking” from the parents not to each other and not to our children. The girls are also not allowed to talk. Now remember these are two year olds, I am luck she is in the room let alone not talking. And as the mom don’t even consider not doing all the dance steps as well or you will be fussed at. But I guess a dance career must start somewhere?.?.? Right? Like I said for now I’m happy she didn’t flop on the floor and kick and scream the whole time.   There was one failed escape plan foiled by the teacher…… 

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