His morning buddy

His morning buddy
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I am a SAHM. I have taken both my children to many different classes, mommy & me, art, dance, karate, swimming etc. I always stay with them during the classes. About three months ago I started taking my DS to an art class at the community center where it is for the kids only. The first day all the moms stayed in the hallway. As the three months went on less and less moms stayed during the two hour class. By The end it was just me and MD pacing the hall. That class came to a close and now we are at another fun class at the local high school. Each preschooler is assigned a high school buddy. These buddies are in the child development class and are practicing their skills on our children. I meet the high school teacher that is overseeing the class and JM saw the room the day before it started. I thought everything was going to be fine. The teacher was nice enough, he would have his very own buddy, there is security on the high school campus and it is only two hours long. I would drop him off LEAVE and return two hours later.
Well today was the first day, I kissed him goodbye, waved and walked away. He skipped merrily away and started playing. I sat in the van for a few minutes as the rest of the children got dropped off. I watched as all the other mommies drove away. I just sat. Somewhere in my mind I’m not sure I ever was going to leave him because as I walked out of the house I grab my coupons to cut, a basket of toys and the portable DVD player for MD. We sat in that parking lot for two hours. When the children came outside to play I snapped photos from the van. JM had no idea I was there but I just couldn’t leave him. I’m not sure what this means other then I am completely crazy. (what’s new right? You already knew that)

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