Give me back my hairbrush!

Like many families we went trick or treating last night. Being as crazy as I am we went to the mall. It was nice. Not hot, no barking dogs, no neighbor small talk and plus food court food for dinner. My children got to pick one piece of candy to eat and then off to the food court for dinner. I thought I was being a little health conscience when we selected the turkey dogs on a stick place. I take the kids to find a table because every other mother had the same “I’m not cooking tonight” idea and DH went to buy the dogs. When DH arrived at our table with these things that were deep fried I knew we were in trouble. The kids without doubt loved and gobbled them up but I knew even before the ketchup hit the plate we were in for it later. My DD like me has a gag reflex comparable only to her sensitive stomach. So sure enough around 3am MD is puking. Now she is just shy of 2 years old so does she wake up in the middle of the night and walk to the restroom to get sick in the toilet? Oh no she just leans over and pukes everywhere in the bed. Remember please we are a co-sleeping family so not only is there puke on her, it is all over me. So I now have to wash her, wash me, strip the bed (a king and twin pushed together) and re-make it all while trying not to wake up JM who is thankfully sleeping thru everything. I love that I have custom sheets for our bed. Our custom sheet fits our whole bed, we have a T thingy to make the bed seem more like one big bed instead of two pushed together and normally it’s wonderful but times like these I sure wish the only sheet that needed to be change was hers. The highlight was as I am changing the sheet DH is in the bathroom cleaning her up when I hear screaming…. “What’s happening?” I say. DH replies “I’m just brushing the puke out of MD’s hair” Now ewwww but double ewwww with MY hairbrush! Needless to say we traded duties and MD and I opted for a warm shower. So the morale of the story? Trick or treat on your street next year crazy family!   

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