Dance even when people are watching.

Before I met my DH I had a roommate, Laura. She grew up in
Texas and one day decided she wanted something new and got in her truck and drove away. She drove away from everything she knew and everyone who loved her with only one suitcase and a pillow. She drove until she ran out of money, which happened in
Tampa. Around the same time I was looking for a roommate and had put up ads in varies place ISO. Laura knocked on my door one day just around this time of year with about $50.00 and said she had no more money but would be looking for a job in the morning and would have the rest I was asking for shortly (I was asking $200.00 a month plus utilities). I for some reason believed her and helped her in her new room with her suitcase and pillow. She was true to her word and lived with me for two years, never once missing rent. The first year she slept on my parent air mattress with a lamp on the floor. She got a job at the zoo, she loved animals big and small…. even bugs. She was a good friend, we went dancing together, we kicked out at least two other crazy roommates that came and went (we lived in a three bedroom house). One of whom did a witchcraft spell on us and stole more things then I can even remember. We stayed up all night sometimes and just had a good friendship. I haven’t spoken to her since I got married and she moved out and drove away. I thought of her today when I heard a song we both loved and I danced in my kitchen with my children giggling at me. Wherever you are Laura I hope you found what you were searching for.           

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  1. Melissa
    Nov 05, 2006 @ 05:49:28

    Wow, it souds like the risk you took was worth it. I hope you find each other again.


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