have you said it today?

The other day after spending the afternoon at the best babysitter ever (McDonalds play area) I got a nice compliment.  As I am loading the kids in the van an older lady came up to me and tapped my shoulder and said Ive been watching you for an hour and.. I think oh crap what did I do.  ignore them, yell at them, cuss let them eat off the floor??? Surprisingly the lady said she was inspired by me and my children. That she was impressed with our communication with each other and thought it was refreshing to see a young mother so involved with her children. After I closed my mouth I thanked her for her kind words and the fact that she called me young and left. I shared this story with a friend who said it is so true we should tell each other how we are doing. We often comment to one another how a third friend is doing. How we think she is doing a good job or how another one seems to have it so together or how another one always seems to be in the know ect. We as women need to band together to tell each how well we are doing. Too often we spend our time tearing each other down and even more time tearing ourselves down. So do it today call or email or whatever another women in your life to let her know you think she is doing great. I guarantee it she will smile and hopefully pass it on!~      

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