I’ll show you mine if you show me yours….


Ok at Very mom’s request she wants to know what is in everyones make up bag. I kind of chucked at the thought because I wear make up on average about two times a year (not forgetting that is on average) But I realized thanks to Walgreens rebates I have quite the collection. Ok what is pictured here is what is used most often. Note the child like numbering, no the boy didnt do it, it is my first attempt using MS paint.- hold your applauses until the end. Let’s start by saying no make up bag for me. See the box? That’s where I keep this stuff and yes I love boxes.

  1. Mary Kay Triple action Lip Enhancer suppose to make your lipstick last hours.. it does unless you eat. Purchased August 1996 by my mother.
  2. Burts Bees lip shiner ~shade papaya. Purchased three months ago.
  3. Revlon liner~ shade frost (for when I am feeling funky. Purchased . 4 year ago maybe worn twice.
  4. Victorias Secret eyeliner~ Received as a free gift w/ my sisters Christmas gift two years ago.
  5. Revlon line and shine. (Minus the line) ~  I bought this to wear on my first day at my new job in 1996. That was two children and 2000 miles ago.
  6. Dixie Babies Bum butter. Its great on elbows.  I got this in a Co-op about 6 months ago.
  7. Triple antibiotic ointment for my lips before bed. And you think you dont become your mother. HA!
  8. Cool
    Avon electric nail file for when you are feeling lazy. My mother is a rep and gave this to me at Christmas this year.
  9.  Tweezers
  10. Burts Bees Herbal Blemish Stick and it works!
  11. Burts Bees RES-Q ointment it works great on bruises and scrapes. Gotta love a little green goodness!
  12. My sisters headband that I now have.( Sorry Carla it found its way home with me and now I think of you every night when I wash my face.)
  13. Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. No I do not sell this stuff!
  14. Water Babies spf 30 applied daily.
  15. Udderly Smooth- It works Mooooo-velous!
  16. Avon Hair Removal ~ another great product that really works.
  17. The green stick. I have been using this since about 1992. It is neutralizes the red in my cheeks. LOVVE it. Although on the rare occasion I wear make up DH teases me about my ruby slippers.
  18. LOreal Voluminous. I got this free from Walgreens about a year ago after revealing and being teased that I still had the same mascara since high school (13 yrs)
  19. Unopened bottle of Rimmel recover. Free from Walgreens because you never know.
  20. Pressed Transparent powder from Rimmel. Another free item from Walgreens. I think it makes me look too pale.

I dont wear a lot of make up partly because I really dont know how to apply it, thankfully have a husband that says I dont need it and I’m just plain too lazy. So now leave me a comment with a link to your make up bag secrets…. Now what is in yours?

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