Mom Can we play?

I remember going to one of my first play dates with one month old JM. I watched in silent horror as a fellow mom gave her two year old, ekkkk, a drink with her straw out of her cup. Worst of all it was red juice. I though oh I will never give my children a drink with red dye especially out of my cup with my germs. I can hardly control my laughter even as I type this at the silliness those thoughts were. Not that red dye is good or bad for children but that I had such clear defined rules for mothering. As JM got older and with the birth of MD I have let go of some of my rules and realize as the children grow, I grow. As they become more sure of themselves I too become more sure of myself as their mother.


I realize sometimes children drink moms drink or eat things they should not or get away with certain things for many reasons. None of which make any of us bad mothers. Quite the opposite, now when I see another mother doing something that is currently unthinkable to me, I watch closely. Most times I see she has tested the theory and her actions end up being something I repeat in the future. The other day I was over at a fellow SAHMs home having a play date. Between her three and my two it was quite the bunch. When the children asked if they could get out the play dough I thought to myself, oh it is too hot to go outside and play with play dough. Outside is the only place I am brave enough to allow that activity but without hesitation my friend said, sure! Just keep it on the tile. I realized in that moment just how as mothers we continue to grow and evolved all the time.


Ironically when I shared these thoughts with my own mother she began to laugh and told me to just wait. Im not sure what that means but I assume it has something to due with curfews and music.      


Now the next time JM and MD ask to use play dough Ill at least give it some thought before saying not in the house and then someday I will say Sure! ~But only on the tile   


Watch closely

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