So he slipped me the tongue!

WOW how has that statement has changed over the past couple of years. Much like the statement “oh you’re so funky” no longer means your cool, it just means one of the kids shit their pants. So today I am parenting from my computer chair again and saying over and over “JM please clean up your toys so we can nap” and then again about ever five minutes to which my request is met with typical three year old behavior when being parented from a computer chair~ he ignores me~ So after about 45 minutes of this fun little game JM and I were playing I decide in true Martha Stewart fashion enough is enough and begin to yell.  He runs off to just clean in record time *I think* when I turn around and he is literally straining his tongue it is sticking out so hard at me. I have never in my life wanted to rip a tongue out of ones head as bad as I wanted to at that moment. But fortunately that was not necessary, I must have been panting heavily and budging from the eye balls because without even a word he manage to clean up the playroom in one “Tasmanian devilish” swoop and up the stairs we all went to sleep it off. 

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