oh look at the waterfall….

So the stomach bug has made it’s way to each member of our home. It started with daddy then me and finally the girl. We all had it one right after the other each for about 12 miserable hours.

Then the boy gets it.

He. had. it. the. worst!

From wet farts to puke he had it all and it was gross! So today being 24 hours normal I thought we were safe. Today we go to McDonalds for some well deserved playtime for both kids and mommy.  So there we are kids playing, moms chatting everyone is happy and I look at my happy to be around other humans son, who is at the tippy top of the indoor play structure when AHHHHHHH he tossed his cookies!!! Now I know what you are thinking… Is she crazy? McDonalds would make anyone sick but really we had been normal (whatever that means) for 24 hours.

Anyway picture this; my child is crying, I am trying to coax him down as calmly as I can with all the other moms (most of whom I do not know) are scurrying to get their children down as puke free as possible. These poor children are climbing down the play structure as it is raining puke on their heads. OMG it has to be one of the worst experiences to date for all involved. My poor son is crying “mom I spilled all over” I am apologizing to anyone who will listen with all the other moms franticly trying to gather their children and the workers just standing around in disbelief….   So all in all a great day!!! 

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