crazy dream

Last night I had a dream that Angelina Jolie, after having her baby and joining my support group for stay a home mothers, hired me to be he family’s personal photographer. (I an not a photographer IRL) So here I am at there house, which apparently in in my hometown, snapping away.  Come to find out she isn’t this horrible person everyone in saying and I never believed. Brad and Angelina are actually hiding Jennifer Aniston from the public. She has a horrible drug and sex addiction! So I have to sign this agreement stating no matter what terrible things are said about the couple I am not allowed to reveal Jennifer’s true situation to protect her.

Then of course the baby is beautiful and the other Jolie-Pitt children are just dreamboats. Angelina and Brad themselves are just the sweetest things themselves. Angelina was so tender with her baby which BTW was a girl they named Love. She was breastfeeding and clothdiapering and excited to get involved in playgroup.   

So for fun why did I have this dream? 

1. I am all struck by them and wish I could meet them.

2. My friend is about to give birth and my mind mixed the two?

3. I feel bad when people talk negatively about Jolie-Pitt and I think they are good people.

4. I miss breastfeed MD (A lot of the dream revolved about that activity)

5. ???

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