How long IS four hours anyway?

Tonight we signed the children up for a four hour “kid night out” class at the community center. Another couple who are one of our very best friends signed their children up  as well. So after kisses goodbye and the appropriate instruction and sippy cups have been left, off our foursome went to have a lovely evening of grown up chatter, food, drinks and all things wonderfully adult. So dinner was nice….. then the four of us sat, and sat and sat. Man, four hours is a long time. The women got ice cream and the men spoke of impending draft pick blunders and then more sitting… our group decided a trip to wonder Target would be fun. So there we stroller hand in hand the aisles of Target. WOW we sure are defined by our children.

We return to the zoo like window of the “KNO” classroom at the community center to observe our children just before it was time for class to be over . The children of 20 or so are all gathered on the bright colored carpet singing If you’re happy and you know it. Very sweet. Our little MD sitting front row looking oh so grown up. I am not ready for this. I must keep my baby a little longer.

As the class ended we retrieved our prospective small people in which the teacher (JM’s regular preschool teacher) informed me ” he was “ok” only a few time outs today but he wasn’t horrible”.

So much for well adjusted.

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