where is she now?

All is quiet lately here in crazyland. We’ve just been busy with classes and movies and playgroups. All is going good.

It is amazing to me how much my children are different. JM is firmly knotted to my apron string (where I like him) and MD is so independent it hurts sometimes. On Friday after literary chasing her around the community center while JM was in class one of my new girlfriends said “you weren’t kidding when you said she runs off a lot, no wonder you hate the park!” I feel I am making some progress in expanding  my circle of friends. I am making some real connections and it is a wonderful feeling!

I am not sure how working mothers do it. I seem to feel tired all the time and just barely holding it together. Although I have had an extremely productive weekend cleaning the house was not checked off of the “to do” list. I suppose if I were working outside the home full time I would not have the helium hand I currently sport. I do enjoy the different “things” I have committed myself to doing so I am not sure where the happy medium is. I guess I am angling for an extra hour or two during the day but I doubt that is on the priority list for whatever high being is out there.

On a completely unrelated topic my sister is trying to save up some funds to come for a visit. How exciting! She recently started a new job that she seems to enjoy. I wish her and my mother both would come for a visit soon! (hint-hint)

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