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I very rarely voice my thoughts on the “red hot” topics. I often just smile, nod and say things like “oh everyone is different” or “to each is own” And while I do believe everyone gets to believe what they want, I want the same respect! I read a very upsetting post on one of my message boards today. I didn’t get into it with the poster, I didn’t even reply to the post. But for some reason I just wanted to scream my thoughts out but ……. I won’t do it there I’ll do it here. If you don’t agree feel free to post a comment but I will not be defending my words, there is no need to it is simple how I feel. You can agree, disagree or whatever but this my website so if you don’t like it… there is a little X in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

I don’t think we can speak of “life beginning” at conception, at birth, or at any other time. To be literal life does not come from non-life. Sperm and egg are both living cells, generated by the division of other living cells. The fuse to generate another living cell. That this cell is alive is an indisputable scientific fact: something that is not alive cannot metabolize, grow, divide, etc. and the zygote (then embryo) does all of these things.We can argue all day about the *personhood* of this living cell (the fertilized egg) and the embryo that it becomes and what “rights” it has, but that is not a dispute about whether it is alive.
I just love being a mom if anyone hasn’t figured that out yet! Yes it’s a lot of work. Yes it’s a lot of sacrifice. But it is so worth it. To have my children look up into my eyes and just talk to me and say “I love you” in their own sweet way…… it melts my heart. How could you possible love anyone anymore? Sometimes in life we can forget how wonderful it is to be a mother. We get overwhelmed by the dishes, the laundry, the cleaning, the never-ending work to do, and we lose sight of the bigger picture.

I know so many mothers who are rushed, tired, frustrated and worn out. We all have so much on our plate and I don’t know how it all gets done. I can easily get overwhelmed and I only have two children. With that said I would have it no other way!

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